【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】
【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】
【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】
【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】
【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】


【Diamond Glass(ダイヤモンドグラス)】

Project : Wine Glass
Company / Brand : 1memori
Product Design / Package Design : Hideaki Miyauchi



Purity, innocent, eternity and dauntless. Diamonds have been fascinated people with these praised words from distant ages on the earth. The word of eternity love and strength sometimes represented as gem language for diamonds. The motif and concept of this diamond shaped glass is inspired from this uniqueness of the diamond.. For the special time, scene and relationship, lots of coincidence lead a wonderful encounter in the life. This diamond glass contains a wish for an eternal happiness with this miracle encounter of the life. Each glass is hand made by high-skilled Japanese craftsman. The top of the glass edges is designed soft curved line for considering pleasant to drink and touch to the lips.

*”Edo-glass” is the name for traditional handmade glass manufacturing from “Edo” era (Edo era is from 1603′ to 1868′). This historical skill has inherited by generation and only high skilled crafts man can create this thin and diamond cut finishing. Each glass has different originality which is not mass manufacturing products have and people will love the only one glass in the world.

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